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TDR provides fumigation services of Imported USDA (quarantine) approved fumigations on export commodities including: Vessel fumigations, Fumigations on fresh fruits, live plants and vegetables, Large-scale fumigations, Fumigation management plans, Crate and pallet fumigations using ISPM 15 guidelines, On-site fumigations, Fumigation alternatives, Fumigations on bulk grain and bagged rice and Fumigations on perishable commodities.
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Why Fumigation?

TDR has over 25 years of experience in the commodity fumigation industry with a team of certified fumigators specializing in the fumigations of commodities, large-scale fumigations and fumigations of live plants and vegetables.

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TDR Serves?

Frieght, ports, vessels, cargo, export/mport and other industries that ship commodities from Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Argentina, Guatemala, South Africa and many more.


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